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CPPI (England & Wales) - Full Course

CPPI provides an opportunity for recognition at a level equivalent to CPI for those working purely in the personal insolvency sector. The focus of this qualification is the statutory forms of personal insolvency and incorporates non-statutory debt solutions. On successful completion of the exam, candidates may apply for Affiliate Membership of the IPA (AIPA).


CPPI provides an opportunity for recognition at a level equivalent to CPI for those working purely in the personal insolvency sector. The focus of this qualification is the statutory forms of personal insolvency and incorporates non-statutory debt solutions. On successful completion of the exam, candidates may apply for Affiliate Membership of the IPA (AIPA).

ISS Training’s modules have been designed to fully cover the E&W examination syllabus and to offer essential practice on the principal areas on which you will be tested. Participants are periodically tested and actively encouraged to ask questions and to discuss the syllabus with their tutor. Comprehensive study aids and course notes for each module will be provided.

Our full course will be delivered using a combination of flexible online learning and live virtual classrooms, supported by periodic knowledge checking, individual feedback, a fully de-briefed mock examination and three full days of question practice and revision.


Live virtual classrooms

Our CPPI E&W full course contains live virtual classroom training at the completion of each online module. This provides candidates with an opportunity to engage directly with their tutor to address any queries or clarifications that they have about their training. These sessions also provide an opportunity for the tutor to recap on any areas where knowledge checking indicates learning reinforcement would be helpful. Two full reinforcement days are conducted during the course and a final revision session following the mock examination will provide feedback and focus revision on key improvement areas for candidates. (N.B. This may be offered on a face-to-face basis, where there is sufficient demand and if government guidelines allow, otherwise will be delivered live online.)


Flexible online learning

Our online learning delivery utilises the ISS Moodle School, a widely-used virtual learning environment. Moodle is a trusted platform, and is accessible via desktop and mobile devices (via the free Moodle app) and supports the delivery of educational and training materials in a variety of formats, including video presentation, reference materials and online assessment. The Moodle environment can also provide employers with detailed analytics about candidate attendance on the platform, enabling monitoring of candidate progression. The platform closely resembles the ROGO platform adopted for the 2020 examination.


Video materials

Presentations are recorded by our trainers in advance of the suggested commencement date, broken down into sections of approximately 1 hour each (session length may vary, depending upon the complexity of the subject matter). There are a number of advantages in utilising pre-recorded presentation materials, rather than live online environments:

  • Material can more easily be delivered in multiple and manageable periods of time, facilitating concentration and information retention;
  • Attendance at a specified date and time is not required and material can be accessed when convenient to both the candidate and their employer;
  • Materials can be revisited and reviewed by candidates throughout the duration of the course and for revision purposes.


Periodic knowledge checking

The ISS Moodle School enables us to deliver a variety of multiple choice and long-form questions at intervals throughout the course, based upon the style of questions typically deployed in the examination. Marks are returned to candidates in order that they can track their progress and focus on improvement areas. A suggested completion schedule is provided to candidates to ensure that they stay on track with their learning.


Mock examination

The course will include a marked mock examination to fully prepare candidates for their CPPI examination. In addition to a result, individual feedback is provided to those taking part in the full course.

CPPI (E&W) Programme

We recommend that candidates begin their independent learning around 31 January 2021 (although a later start date is feasible, if candidates are willing to make up the time). The programme runs through to a final revision day on 20 May 2021.

The course is delivered in 6 independent online learning modules, plus live virtual classrooms, reinforcement and revision days for those undertaking the full course.

Module 1. Introduction: Studying for the CPPI; IP regulation & bonding requirements; Ethics code & conflicts of interest; Introduction to SIPs; AML requirements; Types of security; Legal personalities and types of insolvency; Books and records. (Live virtual classroom: 17 February 2021)

Module 2. Bankruptcy: Commencement; Effects of bankruptcy; The Official Receiver; Trustee in bankruptcy; Availability of assets and income; Distribution of the estate; Conclusion of bankruptcy. (Live virtual classroom: 24 February 2021)

Module 3. Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Alternative Debt Solutions: Options and advising clients; IVA procedure; Nominee and supervisor; Application of standard conditions; Breach, variation, termination and completion; IVA protocol requirements; Ethics code and SIP 3.1. (Live virtual classroom: 10 March 2021)

Module 4. Personal Insolvency - Technical aspects: Treatment of the Family Home; Challengeable transactions; Decision Making; Engaging with creditors; Creditors: rights, remedies and claims. (Live virtual classroom: 24 March 2021)

Module 5. Personal Insolvency - Business insolvency: Trading issues; ROT, HP and leasing creditors; Employee rights and claims; Creditors’ committees; Insolvent partnerships; Handling of funds. (Live virtual classroom: 21 April 2021)

Module 6. Personal Financial Statements: Introduction to financial statements; Statement of Affairs; Income & Expenditure Accounts; Receipts and Payments Accounts; Estimated Outcome Comparisons; Partnership Outcome Statements. (Live virtual classroom: 5 May 2021)

Mock examination: Wednesday 12 May 2021 / Mock examination results: Friday 14 May 2021

Reinforcement days: 16 March 2021 and 27 April 2021

Final Revision: 20 May 2021


Full course: £1,795 plus VAT per candidate

All course fees are payable in advance of commencement and are non-refundable. Where a candidate is subject to exceptional circumstances impacting their ability to participate, we may (at our discretion) offer the client credit against future training services by Insolvency Support Services Limited.

Important notice for all participants

You will be required to enrol separately for the exam with the IPA. The deadline for registration as a student with the IPA and for registration for the CPPI exam is customarily 31 March in the year of entry.

If you do not register within this time, you will not be able to sit the exam.

The Exam

The CPPI exam was held online for the first time in November 2020 utilising the ICSA ROGO platform. It is anticipated that this examination model will continue, however ISS cannot guarantee that will be the case.

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